Name and Surname

Tanachart Hruwattana 

Educational Background

LL.B. Ramkhamhaeng University

An extraordinary-member of the Thai Bar Association  

Current Position

Senior Consultant

Lawyer License 

No. 1176/2538 with lifetime validity

Professional Position / Ranking

Executive Director, Assist to Managing Director, Manager of Corporate Law Section

Dharmniti Law Office Co., Ltd. 

(B.E. 2521 (1978) – B.E. 2538 (1995))

Assist to Managing Director

Pussaya Real Estate Co., Ltd. 

(B.E. 2538 (1995) – B.E. 2539 (1996)) 

Head of a lawfirm 

Lawworth Co., Ltd.

(B.E. 2538 (1995) – B.E. 2560 (2017))